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ZyGoDigital Releases ZyGoAudio to Custom Clients

San Diego, CA ­- February 28, 2005

ZyGoDigital LLC announces the release of ZyGoAudio to their custom development clients. ZyGoAudio is designed to provide quality voice streams at data rates as low as 2kbps. ZyGoAudio has been delivered to Missile Defense Agency and Air Force Research Laboratory customers for use in military programs.

ZyGoAudio is combined with ZyGoVideo using the ZyGoCaster application on Apple OS/X platforms and streamed with the Darwin Streaming Server, in real time, for playback on Apple computers, PC’s, or on Mobile 2003 handheld devices. Playback can be achieved on Apple computers and Windows PC’s using the QuickTime Movie Player or the ZyGoMediaShow player. ZyGoCasted streaming audio and video on Mobile 2003 devices require ZyGoMediaShowE.

Rod Sheffield, President and CEO of ZyGoDigital had this to say about ZyGoAudio’s features: “We have been working to give our clients the most efficient use of bandwidth on the smallest devices for streaming media that we can. Our Missile Defense Agency customers stream videos and audio from Kwajalein, Kuaui, mobile locations in the South Pacific, and Kodiak to Colorado Springs, Huntsville, and Washington DC using Apple Xserves. Several videos are broadcast from each rack-mounted unit along with a single audio stream per server stack. There remains a need to shrink from server stacks to blade servers, to small footprint devices like the iMac mini, or even further to handhelds. This is certainly the case on the mobile locations in the South Pacific and more the case when individuals are in the field. We continue to stream videos and audio at typical modem rates with our handheld and server platforms. In this way, hundreds of video and audio streams can be created and viewed in a typical wireless network. Our ZyGoCasting solutions allow governments, local police and others to have visual awareness of situations from space-borne cameras, onboard commercial and military aircraft, on flight lines, along the borders, harbors, and within cities. ZyGoAudio allows efficient situation monitoring by personnel in command centers, and eventually will enable two way conversations, with video, to a large number of field locations.”

San Diego based ZyGoDigital offers a number of other advanced features in their ZyGoCasting custom solutions. XML annotations can be added to create events within the video stream, Streams can be viewed with the annotations, and recorded as a video clip at a remote viewing site. Compression settings can be changed during a streaming event, creating video streams with different resolutions and data rates. Streaming broadcasts can be run remotely over IP link from command files so that there is no need for on board user inputs, or screen displays. Video playback can be tiled on a single display (such as a Plasma screen) as a low cost alternative to video walls and displayed with XML annotations in synchronization with the multiple tiled videos.

Arrange for your own custom streaming solution by sending email to:

Purchase ZyGoVideo Pro 2.5 for $99, or bundled with the compression application, Hip Flics on line at;


Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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