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ZyGoVideo™ Version 1.2 Preview for OS/X Released

San Diego, CA ­- January 7, 2002

ZyGoVideo™ Pro Version 1.2 "Preview" for OS/X was released today. ZyGoVideo looks great and runs smoothly at 28.8 kbps and 56 kbps. ZyGovideo rivals Windows Media and Real at streaming rates. Version 1.2 is more stable during playback, especially for multiple videos played at once. ZyGoVideo Pro Version 1.2 is also designed for a smaller memory footprint. Changes made for Version 1.2 improve compression and playback speed, especially under OS/X, allowing less powerful machines to compress video content in real time, and less powerful machines to play back larger bitrate videos.

Rod Sheffield, President and CEO of Media Metastasis said: "We are pleased with the low number of reported bugs in Version 1.1 of our Pro product. We are committed to keeping quality high and will be incorporating changes we have made to enhance playback performance and memory use in our PDA code base into the Pro and Basic products. As we move from web based video content to handheld material, we will keep users on the same codec baseline. We are offering these codec improvements as a 'preview' to the content compressionists who are using the latest tools, like Hip Flics 1.1 and our codec under OS/X. Mac OS 8/9, and Windows customers will be able to enjoy these changes in the near future."

The ZyGoVideo Pro "Preview" compressor for OS/X is available now from A $20 rebate will be offered on the holiday special price of $59 for those purchasing the codec during MacWorld San Francisco 2002. The $20 rebate program will also be applied to purchases of the ZyGoVideo Pro OS/X and Hip Flics 1.1 bundle special price of $129 during MacWorld San Franscisco 2002.

Interest by the Press in reviewing ZyGoVideo products and/or including the products in relative articles and features will be given high-priority support.

Media Metastasis has provided QuickTime multimedia products and consulting services to corporate customers since 1998. They specialize in ports of both video and audio codecs from a Windows environment to QuickTime. The ZyGoVideo codec products are an outgrowth of those consulting services and will extend to handheld devices, particularly those running Palm OS. Visit them at their web site


Interest by the Press in reviewing ZyGoVideo products and/or including the products in relative articles and features will be given high-priority support. Please contact:

Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

ZyGoVideo is a trademark of ZyGoDigital LLC. All rights reserved. Apple, Mac OS, Macintosh, QuickTime, and QuickTime VR are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. and are registered in the USA and other countries. Windows is either registered or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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