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ZyGoDigital Adds XML to Streaming Video

San Diego, CA ­- August 25, 2003

ZyGoDigital Adds Metadata to Video Files

ZyGoDigital announced today that they have added XML-based information in stored video files to complement their annotated streaming video solution. Both solutions are in use for the US Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) ongoing Ballistic Missile Defense test program where Layer8 Technologies Inc. has installed video control rooms at the Advanced Research Center, the Boeing JetPlex, and at Redstone Arsenal. XML data is being used to overlay text on the streamed video displays. ZyGoDigital’s MediaShow™ application is being used to show the metadata as the video is played back. Stored videos can be shown with synchronized time codes, and a user defined event display. Text color, placement, transparency, font and size can be modified for both stored and streaming video. Text can be input from a database/file, or changed interactively via network connections to the ZyGoCaster™ video broadcast server.

Rod Sheffield, President/CEO of ZyGoDigital said; “ZyGoCaster is becoming a very powerful tool. There is great demand for metadata stored within the video file so it is always current. Of course, it is necessary to view the data synchronized to the video frame at the time of capture. MediaShow provides that viewing capability. We still compress and stream multiple videos per machine while we are saving off these files. We are adding in multiple annotation tracks per video. This is an extremely complex process and utilizes QuickTime’s time base and user defined track capabilities for delivery. Our solution automatically adds a good deal of traditional ‘logging’ data directly into the video file rather than to a separate database. This means metadata always follows the video about and makes video asset management more efficient. We will be demonstrating efficient video asset management tools based on this metadata scheme very soon.”

The new XML annotation feature is being offered as a part of ZyGoCasting custom solutions. ZyGoCasting supplies the user with live broadcasting via ZyGoCaster™ capable of compressing and saving multiple videos simultaneously on Apple Xserve computers. Both compression settings and file addresses may be modified during the streaming broadcast, effectively creating clips with different resolutions and data rates for later streaming broadcasts. Another key component of the solution is MediaShow, the custom player designed to tile videos as a low cost alternative to video walls and to display the metadata in synchronization with the video.

For more information on the ZyGoCasting real time streaming solutions, send email to: Purchase ZyGoVideo Pro at $99. ZyGoVideo Pro is sold separately, and bundled with popular QuickTime compression applications on line at


Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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