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Missiles Collide on ZyGoVideo

San Diego, CA ­- December 15, 2003

Layer8 Technology Inc. and ZyGoDigital announced today that 8 simultaneous streaming videos were added to telemetry data supporting the successful test launch December 11, 2003 of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense system in the South Pacific. Flight Mission-6 (FM-6) involved the detection and tracking of an Aries medium-range target missile launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF), Kauai, Hawaii at 8:10am HST (1:10pm EST). Approximately two minutes after target launch, a developmental Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) was launched from the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense cruiser the USS LAKE ERIE (CG 70). Approximately two minutes later the SM-3 successfully intercepted the target missile with "hit to kill" technology, using only the force of the direct collision to destroy the target. The Aegis Weapon System guided the first, second and third stages of the SM-3 to a position to perform an intercept of the target. After ejection from the SM-3 third stage, the Kinetic Warhead acquired, tracked and diverted directly into the target at an altitude of 137 kilometers, and at a closing speed of approximately 3.7 kilometers per second. This was the fourth successful intercept for Aegis BMD and SM-3.

This test mission marked the first time when video was compressed and transmitted from Hawaii to support the US Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) ongoing Ballistic Missile Defense System test program. The videos and data were also viewed for the first time simultaneously in MDA’s Washington DC and Colorado Springs facilities, where Layer8 Technologies Inc. has installed control rooms. The multiple videos are shown on plasma displays using ZyGoDigital’s MediaShow™ application. Mission video was also stored with synchronized time codes, and a user defined event data.

George Koepplinger, President of Layer8 said: “The availability of multiple video streams in addition to telemetry data and mission audio aids the analysis process considerably. The ability to embed multiple time codes and to mark events within the mission is critical in quickly and efficiently finding areas within the mission that can be coordinated for analysis and reuse. Conserving the bandwidth available also allows a very large audience of analysts to view the launch in vastly remote locations like never before. Expertise in Colorado and Washington DC could be brought to bear on the test results immediately using this highly integrated system.”

Huntsville headquartered Layer8 Technology Inc. provides advanced equipment integration, WAN/LAN, communications security and simulation solutions to customers. Layer8 has satellite facilities in Colorado Springs, and Kwajalien Atoll supporting a variety of Ballistic Missile Defense activities.

San Diego based ZyGoDigital offers streaming video with XML annotations as a part of ZyGoCasting custom solutions. ZyGoCasting supplies the user with live broadcasting via ZyGoCaster™ capable of compressing and saving multiple videos simultaneously on Apple Xserve computers. Both compression settings and file addresses may be modified during the streaming broadcast, effectively creating clips with different resolutions and data rates for later streaming broadcasts. Another key component of the solution is MediaShow, the custom player designed to tile videos as a low cost alternative to video walls and to display the metadata in synchronization with the video.

For more information on the ZyGoCasting real time streaming solutions, send email to: Purchase ZyGoVideo Pro at $79. ZyGoVideo Pro is sold separately, or bundled with the popular QuickTime compression application Hip Flics on line at:


Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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