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ZyGoDigital and Layer8 Technology form Partnership

San Diego, CA ­- December, 15 2002

ZyGoDigital announced today that they have partnered with Layer8 Technology, Inc. to provide streaming video compression stations and control facilities to military and commercial customers. The ZyGoCasting™ software developed by ZyGoDigital is a complementary solution for Layer8's hardware facilities. This solution has proven itself in use for the US Missile Defense Agency's (MDA) ongoing anti-ballistic missile test program.

George Koepplinger, President of Layer8 Technology, Inc said; "The MDA program requires multiple video and audio streams over bandwidth limited long-haul circuits to support live remote monitoring of globally distributed test activities. The latest ABM integrated flight test was supported by showing one 640 by 480 resolution video along with six additional 320 by 240 video streams and an audio stream, all over a dedicated T1 link."

The ZyGoCasting solution is based on ZyGoVideo, a QuickTime Downloadable Component. ZyGoCasting supplies the user with a broadcasting application capable of compressing and saving multiple videos simultaneously on Apple Xserve computers. A custom set of digitizing hardware and displays are provided by Layer8 which augments ZyGoCasting in a video control room setting. Layer8 also provides services to ensure the integrity of the Wide Area Network for video, audio and data signals.

ZyGoVideo Pro is sold separately, and bundled with popular QuickTime compression applications on line at; .For more information on the ZyGoCasting real time streaming solutions, send email to; . Purchase the ZyGoVideo Pro Holiday Special priced at $59 (40% off) through the New Year at:



Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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