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ZyGoDigital Announces Release of ZyGoVideoPRO 2.5

San Diego, CA ­- October 24, 2003

ZyGoDigital, a leading provider of live video compression and streaming technologies for the defense and security industries, today announces the availability of ZyGoVideo Pro 2.5. ZyGoVideo Pro 2.5 features improved encode/decode speeds over previous versions so that even larger videos can be made in real time and watched on average power computers. ZyGoVideo Pro 2.5 also maintains a simple user interface so that great looking video can be created easily. Two new controls were introduced to support customer requests and tests since the last release. A new “Motion Estimation” control was included to help control data rate spikes when panning the camera. The end use of this control is to maintain low data rate video streams over sensitive, low bandwidth satellite links, such as those used to stream video from Mid East war zones. The visual effect for the viewer is to eliminate pixelated or “blocky” looking video. A “High Quality” control was introduced to allow users to create exceptionally crisp video at the expense of data rate. This control, coupled with new video decoding to NTSC devices, allows the user to create widescreen, theater-style videos. Hook your Powerbook or iBook up to a big screen TV and use killer videos in your presentations.

ZyGoVideo, a QuickTime 6 Downloadable Component, is being used successfully to stream eight videos simultaneously over a dedicated T1 link from the South Pacific to the US for the Ballistic Missile Test Program. The multiple video streams are displayed in a tiled screen on Plasma displays to provide a “video wall” capability, using ZyGoMediaShow™. ZyGoMediaShow also provides the capability to “channel surf” the various streams in order to pick one out for enlarged display. ZyGoVideo Pro XT™ is also being used on this project to add a variety of time codes and event markers in streamed and saved videos. ZyGoMediaShow displays the time code and event data synchronized with the video in both tiled and theater display modes.

ZyGoDigital offers ZyGoVideo Pro 2.5 for Windows, and OS/X at the Holiday Special price of $79. ZyGoVideo Pro 2.5 for Windows, and OS/X continues to be bundled with Totally Hip's Hip Flics video compression application at the low price of $129. Existing customers, or new Hip Flics bundle customers can upgrade to ZyGoVideo Pro 2.5 for $19; please contact us at or wait for an email with details on how to get to the upgrade site.

ZyGoDigital also provides a wide range of digital media consulting services. ZyGoDigital provides their own streaming solution, ZyGoCaster™, for Mac OS/X and QuickTime 6 along with ZyGoMediaShow and ZyGoVideo Pro XT to select consulting customers. Contact ZyGoDigital at to arrange for your consulting needs.


Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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