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ZyGoDigital Demonstrates QuickTime Streaming Video To Linux Handheld

San Diego, CA ­- April 2, 2004

ZyGoDigital LLC has begun demonstrations of streaming video to the Sharp Zaurus Linux Handheld computer to a select group of corporate clients.

ZyGoCaster™ 2.0 and ZyGoVideo™ Pro 3.0 are used in the demonstrations to create real time streaming video in the QuickTime format. ZyGoVideo’s low data rate, high visual quality video streams over 802.11 wireless links and plays back smoothly on the Sharp Zaurus SL5500. ZyGoDigital has tuned QuickTime Streaming Servers to exhibit virtually no latency over wireless networks for the military’s Ballistic Missile Defense program, and demonstrates that real time video delivery to the Zaurus.

Rod Sheffield, President and CEO of ZyGoDigital had this to say about the demonstrations: “The current generation of wireless PDAs and 3G phones have several characteristics which call for the use of our ZyGoCasting solution. First, ZyGoVideo plays smoothly on ARM based machines at reasonable video rates; this is not a 1 or 2 frame per second slide show. Second, the ZyGoCasting solution has been tuned in real world applications so that virtually no latency is present; you actually see what is being viewed at the camera in real time. Third, ZyGoCasting uses QuickTime or Darwin Streaming Server software; true streaming to thousands of clients at no additional cost. Finally, ZyGoCasting video is captured, compressed, and stored in real time using laptop, desktop, or server class machine; anyone with an OS/X machine can make great looking streaming video.”

San Diego based ZyGoDigital also offers streaming video with XML annotations as a part of ZyGoCasting custom solutions. ZyGoCasting supplies the user with live broadcasting via ZyGoCaster™ capable of compressing and saving multiple videos simultaneously on Apple computers. Both compression settings and file addresses may be modified during the streaming broadcast, effectively creating clips with different resolutions and data rates for later streaming broadcasts. Another key component of the ZyGoCasting solution is ZyGoMediaShow,™ the custom player designed to tile videos as a low cost alternative to video walls and to display metadata (the XML annotations) in synchronization with the videos.

Qualified requests for demonstration and contracting for ZyGoCasting real time streaming solutions can be arranged by sending email to:

Purchase ZyGoVideo Pro 2.5 for $99. ZyGoVideo Pro 2.5 is sold separately, or bundled with the popular QuickTime compression application Hip Flics on line at:


Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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