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San Diego, CA ­- March 19, 2002

ZyGoDigital LLC has begun demonstrations of early versions of ZyGoVideoH to a select group of industry and investment clients. ZyGoVideo Pro, a QuickTime 5 Downloadable Component, is used to create excellent quality video for web content to be played at common modem speeds. That same video content is being demonstrated on Handspring Visor Prism and Sharp Zaurus handhelds using ZyGoVideoH. ZyGoVideoH is a combination player and codec product tuned to the performance needs and display sizes of the next generation PDA and 3G phones.

Rod Sheffield, President and CEO of Media Metastasis had this to say about the demonstrations: "The next generation of wireless PDAs and 3G phones have several characteristics which call for the use of ZyGoVideo. First, the display sizes range from 160 by 160 pixels to 320 by 320 pixels, so the data rate is inherently low. Second, the 3G phone networks are starting off with data rates at 56 kbps, normal PC modem rates. Third, the phone networks, in fact all streaming networks, need a reliably predictable data stream to be able to keep customers watching video without interruption; no more of that "buffering" message you see with some video players. Finally, video must be captured and compressed in real time at normal modem data rates; every frame available with excellent quality. ZyGoVideo creates video files consistently half the size of other codecs to be either downloaded or streamed to mobile devices at modem rates. The advantage in file size translates to a very flat and consistent data rate; the perfect solution for wireless streaming, and download times nearly twice as fast as competing video compressors. ZyGoVideo's advantage in compressed frame size also means every frame can be played without sacrificing video image quality, this is important when the goal is to deliver a true 7.5 frames per second. Dropping frames at this rate causes very choppy looking video, but playing all the available frames looks smooth for all but the highest motion video sequences."

ZyGoVideo Pro uses a unique wavelet technology to produce excellent quality video at half the size of comparable compression algorithms. This translates to either a larger video display size for the same data rate, or a higher frame playback rate. More pixels for viewing and a smooth playback rate are highly desirable characteristics to the end viewer. Modifications to make the playback smooth and interesting for handhelds are being incorporated into the baseline QuickTime codec so that all users benefit from the effort. Parties interested in participating in future demonstrations of ZyGoVideo based products should make contact at:

Media Metastasis offers ZyGoVideo Pro for Windows, Mac OS and OS/X for the low price of $79. ZyGoVideo Pro for Windows, Mac OS and OS/X are also bundled with Totally Hip's Hip Flics video compression application at the low price of $129.

New mobile security software products, Nstant ID Maker and ID SpotChecker, are available for beta use, and will be sold on the ZyGoVideo web site. ID SpotChecker uses ZyGoVideo for still image compression to put thousands of ID photos on Palm OS devices. Visit the ZyGoVideo web site, and sign up for the beta program at Please provide information on your enterprise's size and expected use of the product set.

Media Metastasis also provides a wide range of digital media consulting services. Their customer list includes; Microsoft, Sharp Electronics, Convera, Vianet Technologies, and Layer8 Technologies. Media Metastasis has a strategic alliance with Tubatomic to provide state-of-the-art consulting services for User Interface and web designs. Arrange for your consulting needs at

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