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ZyGoVideo Streaming Video Powers ViaSat Link-16 Demonstrations

San Diego, CA ­- September, 23 2002

ZyGoDigital announced today that ViaSat has begun demonstrations of their Link-16 Multi-functional Information Distribution System (MIDS) terminals using streaming video compressed with ZyGoVideo™ Pro. ZyGoVideo was chosen for these demonstrations because the codec produces excellent quality video, highlighting the 300kbps data rate of the Link-16 Enhanced Throughput (ET) communications channels. Both pre-compressed and live streaming videos were demonstrated to the Undersecretary of Defense.
ZyGoVideo Pro, a QuickTime 5 Downloadable Component, is being used to compress the video in real time in conjunction with ZyGoCaster™. ZyGoCaster is ZyGoDigital's new broadcasting application for compressing and streaming multiple QuickTime videos from a single compression station. ZyGoCaster and ZyGoVideo are being used to stream multiple videos from the South Pacific to the United States over a T1 link on the Anti-Ballistic Missile Test Program. ZyGoCaster streams ZyGoVideo Pro videos under both Mac OS 9 and QuickTime 5, as well as Mac OS/X, and QuickTime 6.

ZyGoVideo Pro is offered for sale on the ZyGoVideo web site. Visit them at their web site, ZyGoCaster is available for custom projects now and is planned for an upcoming product release.



Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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