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ZyGoVideo™ Pro and HipFlics™ 1.1 Add Bundles for Mac OS & Windows

San Diego, CA ­- January 7, 2002

Bundle of ZyGoVideo™ Pro and HipFlics™ 1.1 for OS/X The Bundle of ZyGoVideo™ Pro and HipFlics™ 1.1 for OS/X has been extended to cover both tools running under Mac OS and Windows. The new bundles will be made available in time for QuickTime Live. The expansion of the OS/X bundle follows a successful Holiday introduction to users needing a quick and easy tool set to create web content for QuickTime 5. The ZyGoVideo Pro codec line has just been upgraded to Version 1.2; a version which allows for both faster compression and playback speeds.

Rod Sheffield, President and CEO of Media Metastasis said: "We are pleased to extend our bundle aimed at the majority of QuickTime video creators. Both HipFlics and ZyGoVideo Pro provide the ability to create web content quickly and easily, and at a price the masses can afford. Of course, we are continuing to provide the best deals possible to those folks compressing with Apple equipment under QuickTime. To that end, we have a special bundle that includes both our Mac OS and OS/X Pro codecs for one low price."

ZyGoVideo Pro is available as a QuickTime 5 Downloadable Component. QuickTime 5's Movie Player will automatically load the codec and begin playing the video on the receiver's computer and with a million downloads of QuickTime 5 taking place every 3 days ( it's a safe bet that your friends and family have QuickTime. ZyGoVideo's Pro line is meant to achieve great looking video at low data rates with a minimum of settings so that the compression job is fast and easy to do.

"With a timeline interface and drag and drop functionality HipFlics is the easiest to use QuickTime compression application on the market. It provides any video editor with the ability to produce great looking video. We were the first QuickTime compression software to be made available on OS X and now we're pleased to extend our bundling agreement to include Windows and OS 9 users." Said David Gratton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Totally Hip Software.

Video editors can use HipFlics 1.1's simple drag and drop interface and timeline-based controls to process almost any digital video with ease. Professional features like multiple codec application, cropping, watermarking, and filter application enable users to quickly produce great video that is ready for the web or CD-ROM.

The ZyGoVideo Pro compressor and HipFlics 1.1 bundles for OS/X, Mac OS, or Windows are available now for $129 from Individual ZyGoVideo Pro licenses for OS/X, OS8/9 and Windows are available at $79. A special bundle of Hip Flics with both ZyGoVideo's Mac OS Pro, and OS/X Pro is available at $159. HipFlics can be purchased individually from for $99 and is available for OS9, OS/X and Windows.

Media Metastasis has provided QuickTime multimedia products and consulting services to corporate customers since 1998. They specialize in ports of both video and audio codecs from a Windows environment to QuickTime. The ZyGoVideo codec products are an outgrowth of those consulting services and will extend to handheld devices, particularly those running Palm OS. Visit them at their web site

Totally Hip Software's mission is to develop software, enterprise solutions, and services to effectively produce and deliver digital media-based solutions as an interactive video format, and to ensure our software products are compatible with and complement established media file formats, platforms, and standards. Totally Hip Software was founded in 1995 and is an award winning developer of interactive Web development technologies. Visit them at their web site


Interest by the Press in reviewing ZyGoVideo and HipFlics products and/or including the products in relative articles and features will be given high-priority support.

Please contact:
Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

Eric Bin
TotallyHip Software
604 685 6525 x302

ZyGoVideo is a trademark of ZyGoDigital LLC. All rights reserved. Apple, Mac OS, Macintosh, and QuickTime are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. and are registered in the USA and other countries. HipFlics is a trademark of Totally Hip Software. All rights reserved. Windows is either registered or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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