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ZyGoVideo Streaming Video to Support Anti-Ballistic Missile Test Program

San Diego, CA ­- May 22, 2002

Media Metastasis announced today that they have teamed with Layer8 Technology, Inc. to provide streaming video compressed with ZyGoVideo™ to the US Missile Defense Agency's (MDA) ongoing anti-ballistic missile test program. ZyGoVideo was chosen for this project because the codec supports the MDA's currently constrained long-haul bandwidth by producing low data rate video at larger frame sizes. A custom player, based on the QuickTime Applications Programming Interface, has also been created so that video and audio displayed in control rooms can be switched as simply as changing a channel selector.

ZyGoVideo Pro, a QuickTime 5 Downloadable Component, is being used to compress the video in real time. ZyGoVideo uses a unique wavelet technology to produce excellent quality video at a fraction of the size of comparable video compressors. ZyGoVideo also plays all of the compressed frames so that the video appears to play smoothly, even at less than full NTSC frame rates. George Koepplinger, President of Layer8 Technology, Inc said that "The MDA program will require multiple video and audio streams over bandwidth limited long-haul circuits to support live remote monitoring of globally distributed test activities". In addition, the video will be projected on wall sized displays, which call for clean, smooth playing video at the client site.

Rod Sheffield, President and CEO of Media Metastasis said: "We have created a real time video compression solution using ZyGoVideo under QuickTime 5 using the latest dual G4 processors. This is an important step towards a full, economical and efficient QuickTime streaming solution for the web, wireless PDAs and 3G phones. We also provided a customized player so that the video streams can be displayed selectively and with additional text overlays, such as time codes. We began our company by providing custom QuickTime solutions to clients in record time, and have moved steadily towards providing high quality products resulting from such advanced solutions. We believe we have created a useful tool set for anyone needing a QuickTime 5 streaming video solution."

ZyGoVideo Pro is sold separately, and bundled with popular QuickTime compression applications on line at For more information on ZyGoVideo real time streaming solutions, send email to


Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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