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ZyGoDigital Releases Promotional Special nStantID Check™

San Diego, CA ­- October, 18 2002

ZyGoDigital and True Image announced the release of a special promotional priced nStant ID Check™ today.

The first 20 purchasers will be able to build security databases of up to 10,000 employees at the $500 site license price.

nStantID Check™ allows security guards and other field personnel to verify IDs using nothing more than a PDA. The system provides a database of ID information, including the ID image on a PDA. Verifying a person's identity is a simple matter of comparing the PDA image, the ID Card and the person. All three images must match. Data for over 10,000 people, including images, can be provided on a PDA with just 16 Mbytes of memory. The ZyGoDigital still image compressor reduces each full color image to less than 1000 bytes.

Rod Sheffield, President of ZyGoDigital said: "We are excited about our nStantID Check offering with True Image. This tool provides the proven capability to create IDs at a rate of 2000 IDs per day using low cost digital cameras and computer equipment. The offering also makes the ID system portable on low cost Palm devices; something no other ID system provides today. Users of the portable system are finding it unnecessary to have the conventional ID as all the information, including the person's photo is readily available with input of the employee number."

nStantID Check™ includes an integrated desktop ID Card system that allows on-the-spot creation of photo IDs and download of the data to the PDA. The system comes with a number of templates for ID layout, and is compatible with most other ID systems. Any QuickTime® supported image format may be processed for download to the PDA.

nStantID Check™ is based on True Image technology developed to provide schools with instant IDs and PDA based Student Information Systems (SIS). These systems have been proven to be both reliable and easy to use during several years of use in over 25 Los Angeles Unified Schools.

nStantID Check™ software can be purchased on the ZyGoDigital web site:



Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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