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ZyGoDigital Releases ZyGoVideo Pro 3.0 To Ballistic Missile Defense Program

San Diego, CA ­- February 26, 2004

ZyGoDigital announced the release of ZyGoVideo Pro 3.0 to Layer8 Technologies Inc. ZyGoVideo Pro 3.0 will be used in upcoming Missile Defense Agency flight tests. Several additional ground and flight tests are planned for this year, including at least two intercept tests. Up to 10 interceptors are planned to be deployed this year at Ft. Greely, Alaska (up to six interceptors) and at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. (up to four interceptors) to provide a defensive capability against a long-range missile attack on the United States. The ZyGoCasting solution, containing ZyGoVideo Pro, is in place in Kwajalein, Hawaii, and Alaska to support these tests.

The combination of ZyGoVideo Pro 3.0 and ZyGoCaster 2.0 have more than tripled the ZyGoCasting solution’s streaming video encode speed. This increase in encode speed allows multiple 320 by 240 videos to stream at 30fps on dual G4 Xserves at data rates less than 200kbps. Near NTSC size and quality video (640 by 480, 30fps) can be streamed using dual G5 Xserves at 500kbps. Decode speeds are also increased in ZyGoVideo Pro 3.0 so that average machines can display full screen videos smoothly. ZyGoVideo Pro 3.0 is only available as part of the ZyGoCaster bundle solution running under Apple’s OS 10.3.

San Diego based ZyGoDigital offers streaming video with XML annotations as a part of ZyGoCasting custom solutions. ZyGoCasting supplies the user with live broadcasting via ZyGoCaster™ capable of compressing and saving multiple videos simultaneously on Apple Xserve computers. Both compression settings and file addresses may be modified during the streaming broadcast, effectively creating clips with different resolutions and data rates for later streaming broadcasts. Another key component of the solution is MediaShow, the custom player designed to tile videos as a low cost alternative to video walls and to display the metadata in synchronization with the videos.

For more information on the ZyGoCasting real time streaming solutions, send email to: Purchase ZyGoVideo Pro 2.5 at $99. ZyGoVideo Pro 2.5 is sold separately, or bundled with the popular QuickTime compression application Hip Flics on line at:


Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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