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ZyGoVideo™ Powers New "Homeland Security" Products

San Diego, CA ­- February 25, 2002

ZyGoDigital LLC and True Image, a provider of school id products, announced a beta program for a new commercial security product set today. Nstant ID Maker™, and ID SpotChecker™ will allow on-the-spot creation of photo IDs with just a Firewire camera, Firewire capable Apple computer, and a color printer. ID SpotChecker, a companion tool which runs on a Palm™ device, will allow security forces to verify the photo ID's in the field and check to see that the person wearing the ID is the person whose photo is in the original database. ID SpotChecker is a low cost alternative to upgrading security by using fingerprint scans, retinal scans, automated face recognition, and other leading edge technologies proposed for "homeland security". Nstant ID Maker and ID SpotChecker can be used in any commercial enterprise currently using a photo ID for employees or visitors. It can even be used in large events to help manage correct ID use for conventions and trade shows.

True Image has been providing on-the-spot IDs to Los Angeles Unified School District middle and high schools for the past four and a half years. Their system is proven to be easy to use (often operated by student volunteers), reliable, and very fast (an entire school of 2000 can get their IDs in just one day, a process that can take months in schools). Nstant ID Maker will provide a packaged software product that can be used by businesses and other commercial enterprises to create on-the-spot photo IDs, using low cost Firewire cameras and computer equipment. A laminator can even be added to provide more permanent IDs. Not only is the system fast, but material costs are so low that new and replacement IDs can be generated incredibly economically. Nstant ID Maker will come with several templates for ID layout; custom layouts can be made on line and provided to customers for a nominal fee.

ZyGoVideo Pro, a QuickTime 5 Downloadable Component, will be used to compress the photos. ZyGoVideo Pro uses a unique wavelet technology to produce excellent quality still images at half the size of comparable Photo JPEG compressions. This is especially important for ID SpotChecker, which will run on a Palm OS device, the majority of which contain only 8M bytes of internal storage. A complete database of 4000 names, affiliations, security areas, and photos can be stored on such a device; this number goes to over 10,000 when using one of the more recent 16M devices. ID SpotChecker represents a subset of the capabilities of True Image's Tracker and Seeker programs, which have been in use for over a year to help school administrators keep track of students' whereabouts in normal and emergency situations.

True Image products are described at Testimonials from administrators from the Los Angeles Unified School District can also be found on this site.

Nstant ID Maker and ID SpotChecker software will be sold on the ZyGoVideo web site. Visit them at their web site, and sign up for the beta program at Please provide information on your enterprise's size and expected use of the product set.


Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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