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ZyGoMJ2K™ Site License
ZyGoMJ2K™ Site License converts .mj2 files to .mov files. This version of the component is for those wanting multiple machine licenses and/or the ability to load a license on remote machines not connected to the Internet. ZyGoMJ2K is bundled with ZMerge to concatenate mj2 videos as QuickTime Movies. A new version of ZMerge is now available as Apple has depricated Java for OSX. The new ZMerge program will create JPEG 2000 movies quickly for further editing and/or export with a different video codec. Use QuickTime 7 Pro under OSX for exporting. On Windows, ZMerge still uses Java and QuickTime and will also create a JPEG 2000 movie quickly for further editing and encoding. ZMerge for Windows also supports direct encoding with other QuickTime video codecs. NOTE: The QuickTime for Java zip file must be in the proper Windows folder and "can" get "lost" if you upgrade Java after a QuickTime installation. This will result in an error message from ZMerge saying the main program cannot be found.

$349.00 per machine- Follow the link back to ZyGoDigital.com after your purchase 

ZyGoVideoPRO Version 2.5
Provides a full set of professional compression settings to control datarate, quality and encode/decode speed for a nearly limitless number of video sources. Enables low level assembly routines so that compression and decompression go blindingly fast. ZyGoVideoPRO Features Include: Better color space for key frames; Precise key frame placement; Key frame sensitivity selection; Motion sensitivity selection; Smoothing video setting; Preset values for Media Cleaner Pro™; and Tutorial guide for better compression.
MAC OSX or WIN - $ 19.95 -  

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