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ZyGoDigital Announces Streaming Video Via INMARSAT

San Diego, CA ­- August 27, 2007

ZyGoDigital, a leading provider of live video compression and streaming technologies for the defense and security industries, today announces ZyGoCaster-based streaming video over INMARSAT for both commercial and military clients.

Photo News Media recently broadcast live streaming video from Hurricane Dean in Mexico using only a laptop computer, camera and INMARSAT BGAN communications link. This lightweight, mobile equipment setup, using ZyGoCaster and ZyGoVideoª laptop software allowed a single reporter to stream live video from remote locations without expensive logistics and electrical power support. ZyGoCaster/ZyGoVideo provides the required quality video at the low uplink bandwidth of the INMARSAT terminal so that real time video broadcasts can be delivered from remote locations.

ZyGoCaster and ZyGoVideo are also being used by the Missile Defense Agency to broadcast live video from land, air and sea mobile systems. The airborne platform broadcasts via INMARSAT terminals. These real time streaming feeds have been used in conjunction with data transmissions to verify numerous missile test flights. The ZyGoCaster software runs remotely on a rack mounted laptop within the aircraft.

Rod Sheffield, President and CEO of ZyGoDigital commented that: These two examples show how real time video broadcasts can be made using low bandwidth satellite links world wide from both mobile ground and airborne platforms. This is the first step for our technology in providing real time situational awareness for a variety of users. We are now demonstrating this low bandwidth, mobile streaming capability over EVDO cell phone links. We believe the combination of airborne, ground based, and personal video broadcasting will provide a powerful aid to all local, state, and federal government personnel. Of course, the Photo News Media example also shows how the commercial market can benefit from our technology.

ZyGoDigital provides a wide range of digital media consulting services. ZyGoDigital provides their streaming solution, ZyGoCaster (for Mac OS/X and Windows) along with ZyGoMediaShow (for Java, Windows, Linux, and Windows Mobile) and ZyGoOASIS (a Java based video asset manager) to select customers. Contact ZyGoDigital at to arrange for custom solutions to meet your needs.


Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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