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ZyGoDigital Announces ZyGoMJ2K Bundle

San Diego, CA ­- April 13, 2007

ZyGoDigital, a leading provider of live video compression and streaming technologies for the defense and security industries, today announces the release of ZyGoMJ2K Bundle for playing Motion JPEG .mj2 file format video in QuickTime.

ZyGoMJ2K Bundle ($199 for either OS/X or Windows operating systems) can be purchased online at: . ZyGoMJ2K Bundle is designed for the serious video creator who needs to view and edit Motion JPEG 2000 videos captured with machines such as RGB SpectrumÕs DGy. The ZyGoMJ2K component will play the original .mj2 file back using the QuickTime Movie Player and allow the user to export the video as a QuickTime movie, or avi file. ZyGoMJ2K is bundled with the ZyGoTimeCodeª component, which reads the GMT marker in the .mj2 file and displays GMT during video playback.

ZyGoDigital provides a wide range of digital media consulting services. ZyGoDigital provides their streaming solution, ZyGoCaster (for Mac OS/X and Windows) along with ZyGoMediaShow (for Java, Windows, Linux, and Windows Mobile) and ZyGoOASIS (a Java based video asset manager) to select customers. Contact ZyGoDigital at to arrange for custom solutions to meet your needs.


Rod Sheffield
ZyGoDigital LLC
760 443 0103

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