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Managing Assets in the Digital Video Archive

Greater amounts of video and motion imaging are being produced in, or are being converted to, digital formats. As this trend continues the need for software tools that enable the management of larger archives of material grows as well. ZyGoDigital™ has enhanced its live and on-demand streaming solution, ZyGoCasting™, with the delivery of ZyGoOASIS™ (Open Archival Storage Information System) allowing video assets to be effectively managed within a large storage environment. It takes a unique approach that leverages the XML capabilities of ZyGoVideo PRO:XT™ and embed additional metadata that is included as a part of the video file and is an MPEG7- like codec.

ZyGoOASIS™ is a robust video asset management application that is fully integrated with the ZyGoCasting™ solution. It extends the solution’s capability for encoding and streaming multiple video feeds in real-time to manage video assets that are being archived simultaneously. The ZyGoOASIS™ solution can also be deployed without the live streaming feature where existing videotapes in a library are being converted to digital format to create an interactive video archive that is network accessible via an intranet or the Internet.

It was developed with interoperability and crossplatform functionality in mind to reach a broad spectrum of end users and end user devices. The design allows users the ability to utilize robust features of the system whether they are on the local network or are Internet connected. The .NET framework was used for the initial reference implementation with an architecture that provides the flexibility to deploy on other frameworks as well, e.g. SunOne, J2EE.

The screen capture below shows ZyGoDirector™, a Java application (on the right), running two sessions controlling two ZyGoCaster video streaming sessions on a remote computer,and ZyGoOASIS video recording, also on a remote computer. ZyGoDirector also shows some of the capabilities available within the Application Program Interface (API) to both ZyGoCaster and ZyGoOASIS of individual screen snapshots out of multiple video streams, starting and stopping video clip creation out of multiple video streams, and video playback via a standalone Java client. Not shown in this screen snapshot, but available in ZyGoDirector, are general queries on metadata, spotlight popups of data captured with each still and recorded video, and the ability to create metadata on demand for each application.

ZyGoOASIS™ Features:
  • Digital Video Recording of Live or Pre-Recorded Video
  • Frame Accurate Time Code Embedded Directly in the Video (ZyGoVideo:T2™ Plug-In)
  • Metadata Annotation through the OASIS Client Embedded in XML Format as Part of the Video File
  • Create Hierarchy of Video Assets with Full Drill Down Capability to Clip Level
  • Create Shot Lists and Annotate Clips that are Frame Accurate
  • Generate Edit Decision and/or Play Lists of Desired Content
  • Publish Video Assets Directly for Streaming or File Transfer
  • Full Search Capability Over All Metadata in the Index
  • Retrieval and Playback of Selected Segments of Video

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