ZyGoVideo Pro
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ZyGoVideoPRO 2.5
Faster, Smoother, Video Streaming

ZyGoVideoPRO codec 2.5 is 20% faster on encode time than the previous Pro version. Alti-Vec optimizations have also been added. ZyGoVidoePRO 2.5 is also faster on decode and supports YUV output directly. This feature was developed for ZyGoDigital's Missile Defense Agency customer to support a second television style display.


1. Motion Estimation:
ZyGoDigital's Motion Estimation control was added for customers using our streaming capabiities for satellite transmissions. The "Low" setting will allow the user to pan the camera without greatly affecting the datarate AND without generating highly pixelated video, like that produced during the Gulf War.

2. High Quality Setting:
The High Quality setting provides the best streaming video at the lowest data rate possible by using a narrower range of quantization settings. Video quality is enhanced, making the resultant datarate closer to other video codecs.

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