Q: Is ZyGoVideo standards compliant?
A: ZyGoMobile, available now in Kinoma's Producer 3.0, will produce h.263 compatible video.

Q: Can I stream video with ZyGoVideo?
A: Yes, in fact ZyGoVideo is being used to stream live video for the Anti-Ballistic Missile test program, moving multiple streams from the South Pacific back to the United States. The default packetizer in QuickTime works very well on ZyGoVideo compressed streams.

Q: Can I use ZyGoVideo for QuickTime VR?
A: Yes, you will need the Pro version for QTVR as it allows for specification of every frame as a key frame; a requirement of QTVR.

Q: What settings do I use for typical data rates?
A: We provide a tutorial "How to Make Good ZyGoVideo" with the Pro versions. A summary of the compressor settings for typical data rates is also posted on our web site under the Support link.

Q: Can I create video at 1.2 Mbits/sec?
A: Yes, you will need to use a larger video size than you are used to. Other compressors provide this data rate at 320 by 240 pixel sizes. ZyGoVideo is so aggressive in it's compression, that a much larger size can be accommodated and still be under 1 Mbps.

Q: What are the requirements to play back video at the larger data rates?
A: There are several factors that come into play when playing back larger data rate ZyGoVideo clips. First of all, OS/X is much more efficient and will play back the same video more smoothly than Mac OS 9 on the same CPU. Also, G4s are inherently more efficient at some of the video decode operations so they will play back video smoother on machines running the same clock rate. Finally, ZyGoVideo has been recently improved so that it should play smoothly on modern machines operating at 600 MHz and higher.

Q: Can I play back ZyGoVideo on Pocket PC or Windows CE devices?
A: ZyGoMediaShowE is our handheld playback offering supporting streaming video to both Pocket PC and Linux handhelds with ARM processors. Playback on Palm OS handhelds is supported by the Kinoma Producer 3.0 and Kinoma Player 3.0 partnership.

Q: How does ZyGoVideoH fit in the 3G phone rollout?
A: ZyGoVideo provides excellent quality video at 28.8 and 56 kbps data rates with full 7.5 frame per second smooth playback; no dropped frames. The first 3G phone networks operate in the 50 to 60 kbps data rate range; this is a perfect match for ZyGoVideo. Further, the screen size of the upcoming devices are in the 240 by 180 to 320 by 320 pixel size. ZyGoVideo allows these larger sizes and still maintains 56 kbps data rates.

Q: Is ZyGoCasting available on Windows machines?
A: Yes, we have a ZyGoCaster for Windows offering for our custom development clients. This product was most recently used to demonstrate streaming video from an F18 cockpit.

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